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How can i use this channel?

MedCall is mainly used to increase coverage, frequency or client force effectiveness. Other reasons are on demand service, replacing a field force, temporary fulfill vacancies or differential messaging. Compared to a field force MedCall is more content focussed and measurable. The optimal deployment model depends on the product/market situation.

These are the models we offer:

Outsourced Dual Flex Flex

CRM integration

Every click of the healthcare professional in the virtual meeting room is captured and flows automatically into his CRM profile.

How does it work?

(Re)schedule/cancel meetings and obtain healthcare professional profile information during the meeting preparation phase. Meeting statistics, healthcare professional click behavior and post call survey results during the call reporting phase.

We design any dashboard
you need

Management reporting is done through Cockpit. A real time graphic statistical dashboard that provide aggregated insights on quantitative KPI’s (e.g. Number of calls) and qualitative market insights (e.g. healthcare professional click behavior).

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