Relavance through an automated individual
learning journey according to knowledge profile


Broadcast news to a wide audience across multiple people and countries

Medcall Animation
live voting,
post comments
& ask questions...

All virtual attendees wil engage
with the physical event via
continuous interaction


Live web meetings (webinars) that facilitate audio, video and content exchange with attendees based anywhere in the world

Medcall Animation
Replace physical
meeting saving
traveling time/costs,
measure results
& re-use content

With Meetingpoint organize your
own web meetings anytime, any-
where on any device.


Dynamic interactive video learning for individual healthcare professionals

Medcall Animation
Personal knowledge
profile & learning

On demand education of
healthcare professionals through
the latest video and
animation techniques

Accreditated Medcall

Remote (live) private lessons by personal tutors (HCP's) on a field force scale

Medcall Animation

Bullet Peer to peer

Bullet Live one to one

Bullet Content developed by KOL

Bullet 15 minute sessions

Bullet Call center invitation on behalf of KOL

Bullet Participants decides timeslot

MedConference Case Study