Experts in integrated multichannel software and execution services to maximise behavioural change

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Republic M! Group (RM!) is specialised in providing Omnichannel Execution services for our pharma customers. In addition, we have developed Multi Channel Manager (MCM) a software platform to carry out customer journeys for virtual meetings (Remote HCP Engagement) and events (webinars and webcasts).

Since 2004, Republic M! has built up extensive experience in digital connections to HCPs. Our customers can achieve the desired behavioural changes for their customers through sophisticated customer journeys we build together. For healthcare professionals, we are particularly known for our Remote HCP Engagement conversations, webinars, and webcasts as part of their CME.

About Republic M!


Maximise behavioural change of stakeholders in healthcare through digital experiences

Why RM
International digital omnichannel communication agency.
Exclusively working in the Pharmaceutical, and Life Science industry.
Global experience in content distribution in more than 60 countries.
Offices in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

We focus on behavioural change. Our digital services engage customers and support them through the behavioural change journey.

Nick Lavery
Co-founder Republic M!

Clients we are proud to work for:

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