HCP Events

Virtual and hybrid events

Events are challenging for Pharma to organise. Attracting the target audience and re-engaging them in future events is difficult.

Events focus on delivering messages rather than changing behaviour and there is limited tracking or understanding of the impact

Understanding which format and structure to use is confusing

Insights are rarely gained from events that can be used for other channels

Republic M! make events easy for Pharma by accessing the HCP audience, giving them an experience that makes them attend future events and change their behaviour.

Virtual events

Advocacy to change clinical behaviour. Most common format:

  • Key External Expert led endorsement with strategic messaging
  • (Inter)national Key Experts with clinical & RW evidence
  • Expert panel discussion and Q&A
  • 1-2 hours with 5-500 HCPs & 1-4 speakers

Hybrid events

Clinical networking events. Most common format:

  • From International to local events
  • Attendance in event location, satellites and individually online
  • Mobilise all event types to wider audiences
  • 1-5 hours with 25-5.000 HCPs & 1-8 speakers

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