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Republic M! employees within account leading positions have extensive and long-term experience in pharma and finance. As a result, we speak the same language as our customers, so meetings with our people are productive from the start. This can be in local markets or at headquarters level. Our Digital Omnichannel Execution Services and Software are developed on more than 16 years of industry-specific execution experience. This reflects in Republic M!’s industry-specific execution structures, roles, processes, business logic, compliance, integrations, and customer experience.

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Global Experts in Digital Omnichannel Execution Services and Software

From the beginning in 2004 we have offered several digital channels. Today we integrate all channels into one omnichannel customer journey concept, offering all services and software to execute. We developed Multi Channel Manager: industry specific customer communication software enabling clients to execute customer journeys. We started our activities from the Netherlands but quickly expanded internationally. Today we have business in more than 60 countries across the globe.

> 18 years
of experience

We have extensive industry specific experience in the execution of digital communication channels like Remote HCP Engagement, webinar, webcast, email, social media, websites, apps, virtual adboards, e-learning, video and animations. Based on our experience we know exactly how to execute and optimise customer experience for our clients within their highly regulated environments. The business logic of our Omnichannel execution services and software (MCM) is built on 18 years of industry specific execution experience.

behavioural change

The objective of almost all communication projects is to change customer or employee behaviour in some way from existing behaviour to desired behaviour. For us, it is ultimately about the behavioural change we’re able to achieve for our clients. This applies in every touch point within every customer journey we deliver. Fulfilment of multiple effective calls to action eventually leads to the behavioural change we’re aiming for to serve our clients.

Data security & data privacy

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As a result of our industry specialisation, we developed a framework to guarantee data security and data privacy for our clients. We are ISO 27001 certified. We ensure the confidentiality, availability, integrity, and privacy of the information within our organization. Our staff is regularly trained. We live our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). Our systems, like Multi Channel Manager (MCM), are designed and developed to manage data security and data privacy according to the highest industry standards.

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