Why Republic M!

HCP behavioural change

We change HCP behaviour to help you exceed targets.

Extensive experience
Remote 1:1 selling
Peer-to-peer endorsement

Extensive experience

Since 2004 we have delivered Remote 1:1 selling and Peer-to-peer endorsement to the Pharma industry.

Our extensive experience enables us to create value for HCPs to engage and change their behaviour.

Remote 1:1 selling

1. We access target customers
- Superior call volume which is 5 times higher than the industry average
2. We have impact on HCP behaviours in the sales call
- Superior call quality with GOOD sell 16% above the industry average
3. HCPs increase prescribing following RM! remote sales calls
- Superior ROI with sales increase 5.5 times higher than client field teams

Peer-to-peer endorsement

1. We gain target customer participation in peer-to-peer endorsement activities
- 26 times more registrations and 17 times more consents than our main competitor
2. We have impact on HCP behaviours in the event
- 69% of customers will change their prescribing behaviour following an event
3. We deliver industry leading quality
- Current and past clients rate RM! quality 59% higher than other agencies

Data security & data privacy

Privacy Center

We have developed a framework to guarantee data security and data privacy for our clients. We are ISO 27001 certified. We ensure the confidentiality, availability, integrity, and privacy of the information within our organisation. Our staff are regularly trained and work to our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). Our systems, like Multi Channel Manager (MCM), are designed and developed to manage data security and data privacy according to the highest industry standards.

Privacy Center
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