Other services & software


Besides Remote 1:1 selling and Peer-to-peer endorsement we offer other services to access HCPs and change their behaviour.

We gain access to Pharma’s customer and change their behaviour to grow sales.

HCP Profiling, eConsents, and event registrations
HCP Portal & Video Channel
Peer-to-peer endorsement Software (MCM)
Social & Medical Media

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Other services and software

On top of HCP engagements we have an experience for Brand Teams to design a HCP journeys in Virtual Reality. Contact us for more information.

HCP Profiling

Helping Pharma target the highest value customers within a specialty by identifying patient groups that they most frequently consult and treat.

Peer-to-peer endorsement Software as a Service

Multi Channel Manager (MCM) enables Pharma Event Owners to execute integrated event journeys with HCPs across the globe via one single platform.

Social & Medical Media

Engaging with target HCPs through social and medical media.




E-consents & registrations

Gaining e-consents and/or event registrations.

HCP Portal & Video Channel

Creating platforms for Pharma to engage with HCPs.

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